AB Hilmer Andersson
670 40 Åmotfors

Phone: +46 571-31600

Best in - best out

The climate and biological conditions in Värmland, one of Sweden's prime forest areas, is excellent for spruce and provides us with the best of raw materials. 70% of todays total production of 140 000m3 is sawn whitewood.

Our products are mainly suited to the Norwegian market and this is where we sell most of our production. Our customers are retailers and refining industries and we export our sawn goods all over Europe as well as to the Far East.

We offer high quality products such as C24/C30 construction timber, laths, precut lenghts, planed profiles, impregnated and painted panels.

We aim to maintain the highest technical quality in our sawn products and it is our tradition to update our sawmill equipment frequently to achieve high capacity.

Our latest investment is a new mill containing a new planer and equipment for finger jointing and P.E.T. This enabels us to produce  industrial cut lenghts of high quality timber at very competitive prices.

For more information on products and sales,
please contact Per Andersson +46 571 316 00

Certificates and Declarations

Certificate - Structural finger jointed solid timber
Certificate - Machine control 191502
Certificate PEFC - Chain of custody of forest based products
Certificate PEFC - Schemes for substainly managed forests
Declaration of perfomance - structural finger jointed solid timber
Declaration of performance - machine strenght graded structural timber
Declaration of performance - visually strength graded T-timber

AB Hilmer Andersson - a family tradition

AB Hilmer Andersson was established in the 1920s when Hilmer Andersson from Lässerud built his first sawmill. The saw blades were powered by a wood fuelled locomobile. Hilmer lived long enough to witness the emergence of the barking machine, forklift trucks and the timber drier. During his life the sawmill developed into one of the largest in Värmland.

His son, Yngve Andersson, modernised the sawmill in several stages and doubled the capacity of the sawmill more then once.

Well known for his deep interest in all things technical, Yngve experienced the computerisation of the sawmill industry and was always among the first to adopt new technical solutions. He predicted the importance of computerisation in forest management at an early stage.

The company is today run by Hilmer's grandson Per Andersson who is the third managing director of the family company. It is now his task to carry on traditions and to lead and develop the family concern. His duties include that of company sales manager in charge of all exports and customer contact.

We value the forests of Värmland